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I felt beautiful today only to be called a hippo- Kamene goro recounts body shaming experience

Earlier today, outspoken radio presenter Kamene Goro took to social media to condemn a netizen who body-shamed her by calling her a hippopotamus.

Immediately after Kamene uploaded her daily morning photo, the hilarious netizen rushed to criticize the chubby presenter’s body type.

This is not the first time that Kamene has been trolled on the internet regarding her weight, but unlike other times, she did not let it ruin her confidence.

She revealed that she woke up in the morning feeling beautiful and full of confidence, only for the malicious netizen to come and spoil her mood.

According to her, it is sad that such negative people still exist.

Kamene continued to advise her fellow chubby ladies who faced the same circumstance.

She urged them not to let anyone downgrade their beauty, putting in that everyone is gorgeous just the way they are.

“So today I got out of the house feeling super cute and beautiful and went to take a picture then someone went ahead and called me a hippopotamus, and I was like wow! Which had me thinking, there is so much negativity out here in the society, and I don’t know why. I know they’re a lot of people being discouraged, I know it’s hard and tough, but I want to encourage you. Babe, you are beautiful, and whatever struggle you are going through right now, it’s not bigger than the fight within you.” said Kamene.

Plus size women activist Neomi Ng’ang’a also came out to shun the body shamer. She claimed that it was high time society desists from judging women according to size.

She urged plus size women not to sacrifice their mental health to appease people.

Kamene body-shamed by Mulamwah.

The other Kamene Goro body-shaming incident involved comedian Mulamwah. Last year, Kamene posted a photo of her and young comedian Ronoh chilling by the pool.

Mulamwah went ahead to comment that if the two entered the swimming pool, all the water would pour out.

The comment angered Kamene, pushing her to call out the comedian on live radio. Mulamwah then went ahead to apologize and promised never to repeat the same.

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