Kamene Goro Says She’s only Washed Clothes Once in Her Life


  • Kiss 100.3 FM presenter Kamene Goro is a typical cool kid who was brought up in a well off family
  • The voluptuous media personality disclosed she has only washed her clothes once in her entire life
  • Kamene it surprises her when she sees people hanging their washed clothes on hanging lines yet there are laundry machines that dry wet clothes within no time

Radio presenter Kamene Goro has left fans surprised after revealing that she has never washed clothes more than once in her life.

Kamene Goro Says she uses laundry machines to try and wash machines.

While discussing some stupid things that couples do for love with her co-host Jalang’o on their breakfast show on Kiss 100.3 FM, the 29-year-old said she is only used to doing laundry using a machine and not hands.

Kamene narrated she only hand-washed her clothes once when there was a power outage while she was staying with her ex-husband in Arusha.

She regrettably said it is the worst mistake she ever did in a relationship as she lamented that it left her hands in pain and broke her nails.

That was the first and the last time she washed clothes using her hands according to the beautiful presenter.

Her co-host Jalang’o starred at her in surprise as she narrated the story as he wondered how she could have lived for 29 years without washing her clothes as expected of her.

Kamene Goro shows off her engagement ring

In other news published on TUKO.co.ke, Kamene recently confirmed she is in a serious love relationship with someone.

Speaking during a sit down with comedian Jalang’o on his YouTube channel, the curvy radio host showed off her engagement ring to prove that she is dating.

Kamene wondered why many people believe that she is not dating even though she has been seeing someone for almost a year.

After proving the point by displaying her engagement ring, she asked men who want to shoot their shot to keep off as it is already late for them.

“I’m dating, this is my engagement ring. I don’t why people think I’m still single yet I have been dating since January! Men, please stop disturbing now,” Kamene said.

Source: Tuko.co.ke

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