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Karen Nyamu denies being in a romantic relationship with Samidoh

There have been a lot of assumptions surrounding the relationship between politician Karen Nyamu and popular Kikuyu musician, Samidoh.

Kenyans assumed that the two were dating after they were photographed hanging out together severally.

Towards the end of last year, Karen Nyamu uploaded a video of the two taking a romantic boat ride together, which seemed to be confirming the ongoing speculations. However, she had to pull the video down as it brought about a lot of controversies.

Allegations going round said that Samidoh had dumped his wife and was now settling in with Karen Nyamu.

Karen Nyamu decided to put all the rumours to rest during an interview with radio presenter Massawe Jappani on Milele Fm earlier today.

She clarified that Samidoh is only her friend and that nothing romantic has ever happened between them.

She revealed that she was shocked by how the video of the two together fuelled a lot of hate from the online community.

According to her, she rarely pulls down any of her posts but had to delete that one because she did not want to ruin Samido’h reputation as a great Kikuyu artist.

Samidoh’s stand on the issue

In a past interview, musician Samidoh rubbished the dating claims surrounding him and Karen Nyamu.

He explained that he was happy with his wife and children and could not marry again with this economy.

Samidoh claimed to have been surprised by the story, revealing that he did not attend Karen’s baby shower as people assumed.

He said that he had to end their friendship after he realised that it would jeopardize his family.

When asked about his wife’s reaction, Samidoh said that she spoke with her regarding the issue, which she understood.

“I was worried about my wife, but we have talked, and she is okay. She knows I am not in a relationship with Karen since the allegations reached her again some time back,” reported Samidoh.

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