Kate Actress addresses not publicizing her baby, says she is hiding the world from her


Kate Actress, real name Catherine Kamau, has finally revealed why she does not post her baby’s face.

The former Mother-in-law actress revealed she does not want netizens trolling her two-month-old daughter. She claims people on the internet streets are ruthless and do not respect anyone.

According to her, people do not care that her daughter is a child. They will attack and trash talk even kids who are innocent souls.

Kate Actress was responding to a fan who requested her to upload a picture of her baby.

Although Catherine and her hubby Phil Karanja posted their daughter, fans felt they needed to see her face and not just her body.

However, the actress claims she prefers to enjoy her daughter’s cuteness alone.

Cruel world

Kate Actress and her husband insist they are not hiding their daughter from the world. Instead, they are protecting the cruel world from her. She added social media is a harsh place to upload a child.

The Harpic brand ambassador, however, reassures fans of meeting their daughter whenever the couple will feel ready to reveal her face.

Kate Actress then went ahead to thank all her fans for showing their support and for the congratulatory messages they sent her.

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