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Kenyan lady marries twin brother and bears child

A video showing Kenyan twins who fell deeply in love with each other surfaced on the internet last week, raising many questions among Kenyan netizens. The twins were of different sexes, but the resemblance between them can barely go unnoticed.

Recently the lady twin in the video (Lexxy) decided to put the rumours to rest by finally disclosing the deep dark secret that she and her brother have hidden from the world for a long time.

Lexxy shared a video on her Tiktok account where she had documented the journey they had since birth and what brought them together.

According to young Lexxy, she and her twin brother had a super close relationship since they were little kids. Their closeness led them to realise that they were meant for each other; thus, they decided to pursue their incestuous relationship.

Their parents disapproved of the idea of the two being together since intimacy between family members is considered a taboo in the bible and society at large. Thus they disowned the twins forcing them to move out and fend for themselves.

Instead of giving up, Chiweru and Lexxy found a house together where they lived as a couple. While living together, Lexxy got pregnant at 17 years and bore a bouncing baby girl.

Chiweru, the boy twin, proposed marriage to his sister, but unfortunately, nobody showed up for their planned wedding ceremony, including their parents.

The young lovers are very proud of their relationship and have decided to share it with the world. They have started a Youtube channel dubbed ‘The chiwerus’ to document their journey.

Lexxy shared cute videos of the two doing fun TikTok videos and even kissing on camera, which has been shunned by many social media users.

On their occupations, the boy twin is currently a dancer and shares his videos on his Instagram channel.

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