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Kenyans hilariously react after Abel Mutua and Kate Actress’ hubby Phil switched wives

Creative directors Phil Karanja and Abel Mutua sparked social media after they announced ‘swapping’ wives.

Phil shared a pic with Abel’s wife, Judy Nyambura, and complained of Kate’s behaviour. According to Phil, he was tired of putting up with Kate’s behaviour. He further referenced a scene in ‘Disconnect’ where Kate drinks and twerks.

“Wadau hata Kama ni wewe unaweza kaa na mtu ana twerk akikunywa mizinga mbele ya Kenya yote. Am officially #DISCONNECTED,” Phil posted on Instagram.

Judy also reposted the photo and further confessed her love for the creative director.

“I LOVE YOU PHILLIP!” Judy posted.

On the other hand, Abel could not keep calm as he expressed his excitement on having Kate.

“Finally!!! I get to have MEAT! I’m definitely coming for that dinner love!!!” Abel wrote.

Kate also uploaded a photo of herself with Abel Mutua and expressed her love for her new ‘hubby’ Abel Mutua.

“Happy 30mins Anniversary my love, where do I even start? Nway come home dinner is ready sweetheart.❤️❤️ @abelmutua. Yours truly Kate Mkurugenzi,” Kate posted.

Abel Mutua responded to her post and claimed that he was enjoying her company.

“Best 3 minutes of my life. Wacha nikule ndio Nioge,” Abel Mutua responded on Kate’s photo.

Earlier on, Kate had posted a photo of her husband Phil with Abel’s wife Judy. She jokingly wondered whether Phil chose Judy because Kate was too big for him.

“Is it because your arm can’t go round my waist 😭. Nways am single guys . To whomever it may concern, please Come get your shudren.😩” Kate posted.

Netizens react.

The wive swapping solicited mixed reactions from netizens with many laughing off the matter.

Jacky Vike Mbele ya Kenya mzima? Zii Ata mi siezi!!! Baki hapa uko sawa🤣🤣🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️

Maina Wa Ndungu Walai I stand with the boychild 💯💯💯 Tuzidi.

Mwalim Churchill Kuna watu wengi wamejam hapa…🤣

Felix Kikah Naona mmeamua fanya exchange program 😄

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