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Kenyans react to Brenda and Brian’s contradicting stories on coronavirus and isolation

Yesterday was a happy day for all Kenyans as the first two coronavirus patients spoke to them. The two, Brenda and Brian, revealed they are completely healed from the deadly virus.

However, during their interviews with Citizen JKL Live and NTV, some of the information they gave do not match up. Kenyans have taken to the streets of social media comparing notes on what Brenda, previously patient zero, disclosed during the different interviews.

Here are some of them.

Difference in ages

Brenda, during the NTV interview, disclosed she is 27 years. However, during the JKL Live interview on Citizen TV, she revealed she is 26 years. Kenyans are now wondering what her real age is.

However, the government, during their first announcement, mentioned she is 27 years.

Contradicting statements on Brian and Brenda’s relationship

Brenda revealed Brian was her boyfriend. According to her story on NTV, he even came for her at the airport.

However, during JKL Live, Brenda disclosed she only knew his name when Brian came to the isolation ward. She further reveals he has only begun to her house twice before the whole incident.

Brenda and Brian
Recovered Coronavirus patients speak to the public for the first time during a live call with President Uhuru.

Different trains in London vs. one hour in London

Brenda disclosed on JKL LIve that she only spent a one-hour layover in London.

However, the beautiful model had made contradicting statements when she disclosed she used several trains while in London.

23 days in isolation vs. 18 days in quarantine

The government revealed the first official confirmed coronavirus case on the 13th of March. That makes it a total of 18 days since the first case was reported.

However, patient zero admitted she has been in quarantine for 23 days in total since she took herself to Mbagathi Hospital.

Netizens reactions

Here are some of the responses from netizens.

Yobra Mpenda Usafi This government should give us the real people, this Brenda looks very healthy apart from Brayo, maybe the actual patients are still hospitalized hii Ni Kenya tu

Daniel Gekonge, I want to see the priest from Siaya or the deputy governor of Kilifi… 😄 That’s when I will try to buy this rubbish. Otherwise, the government orchestrated an excellent lie to fool Kenyans during ‘fools day.’ 😄

Andreah Morgan Morgan The Fake Ordeal almost made me sick. The question is, How would someone not be aware of being given any Drugs in the process of treatment? Can Covid-19 Lose someone’s memory? I switched off my Television, and that was all.

Erick Waturu Truth is they were sick and recovered, but the harder Brenda tries to deny any involvement with Brian before the test is putting this whole story in jeopardy. Akubali tuu she knew him hatutamkula



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