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Kenyans troll Stevo Simple boy for his new song Tuheshimu Ndoa

Stevo Simple boy is one of the artists received with mixed reactions in the Kenyan music scene.

He recently released his new single dubbed Tuheshimu Ndoa on 20th February. The song talks about how marriage is sacred and should be respected.

Since its release, the song has been trending on Youtube. It is currently at number 4 on trending.

As of Sunday 23rd February, it had garnered 210,000 views.

However, despite the useful message delivered, some netizens are not feeling the song.

Here are some of the adverse reactions. Most of them were targeting his dress code. The rapper is dressed in khaki shorts and shirt that resemble a scouts uniform.

positive stevo simple

Some netizens, however, supported the upcoming rapper. One netizen noted it was his haters who propelled him to the top.

One netizen advised Stevo to open his youtube channel. This way, funds he gains will go to him and not to Made in Kibera.

Netizens react to stevo simple boy

Stevo hails from Kibera slums. Most of the proceeds gained from his music go towards Kibera music production.

He releases songs touching on current issues affecting society.

Stevo was thrust to the spotlight after his hit song ‘Vijanaa tuache mihadarati’.

He has been trolled for his looks with some claiming he looks like a monkey. However, Stevo took it all in saying he has gotten used to it.

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