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Khaligraph Jones asks Kenyans to stop rebuking Embarambamba

Ever since Embarambamba’s ratchet club performance went viral, several Kenyans have been condemning the gospel singer’s actions which went against the church’s guidelines.

Number one rapper Khaligraph Jones who is currently in the United States recording music has today shared his opinion of the Kisii singer’s stance during an Instagram live session.

Khaligraph came to the defense of Embarambamba and claimed that the singer should be allowed to pass his message any way he wants to.

He asked netizens to stop rebuking the musician’s actions but let him enjoy his newfound fame however he wants to.

The father of one claimed that there was no problem with what Embarambamba did since the man and woman who joined him on stage were consenting adults.

“Goteeni uyo gathee alafu muache kumpeleka gathee mbio. Acheni jamaa aflex. If jamaa anataka kupandia watu na watu wanataka kupandiwa, I see no problem with that. Let him do whatever he wants to. If he wants to pass a certain message, then we shouldn’t be rebuking him like the devil. Let him use his own methods,’ said Jones.

Embarambamba, whose real name is Christopher Mosioma, began his gospel music career in 2018 after quitting his bodaboda business.

He revealed that he knocked dead a pregnant dog one day and vowed never to do that job again.

He rose to fame this year due to his crazy stunts, including throwing himself in muddy puddles and climbing trees or anything that’s in sight.

Embarambamba stopped becoming Kenyans’ sweetheart after he was spotted dirty dancing with not only a woman but also a man during a recent club performance.

The Gusii singer defended his actions by claiming that he was only trying to pass the message of how immorality has taken human beings further from God.

KFCB CEO Ezekiel Mutua called Embarambamba’s behaviour ‘gross’ and told him that he took things too far. He asked the artist to await consequences for his actions.

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