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Eric Omondi is back to being skinny – Khaligraph Jones shames comedian

Rapper Khaligraph Jones is the first celebrity to criticize Eric Omondi for reducing his weight ever since his wife material show premiered on Youtube.

Eric had bulked up compared to his former skinny nature after continually hitting the gym and improving his diet. However, as his wife material show went on, the comedian seemed to have relaxed and reduced a bit of his muscles.

On an Instagram live hosted by Khaligraph Jones, the rapper savagely dissed Eric Omondi after a section of his fans inquired about their ongoing beef.

Khaligraph started by saying that Eric Omondi is not on his level, and this does not deserve the OG’s attention; however, he went on to comment on the comedian’s looks.

Khaligraph mentioned that Eric is already skinny within weeks of parading his new body and claimed that his nine wives must have sucked up all his strength.

He urged Eric to go back to the gym and to respect himself.

“Eric Omondi is not a person who deserves to be mentioned by the OG. The other day he looked buff, but now he is back to being skinny. What is not happening my friend Eric Omondi you need to go back to the gym. Ama ni hao mabibi wengi umeoa wanakumaliza. Hauna stamina, uko chini. Respect yourself my nigga.”

Khaligraph Jones’ beef with comedian Omondi has been going on for some time now. The two are always criticizing each other’s weight publicly without fear.

The issue began when Khaligraph Jones mocked Eric Omondi’s former skinny stature by lifting him up while at a concert stage in front of thousands of Kenyans.

Being ashamed by this, Eric focused highly on the gym, only for him to now come back and challenge Khaligraph to a fight.

On a previous Instagram post, Eric mocked Khaligraph’s huge biceps, claiming that the rapper rarely takes off his shirt since he has a protruding belly.

“Kijana mdogo amekuja Nairobi juzi anabishana na wazee. By the time I’m done with you, utakua umerudi back to factory setting.” Wrote Eric Omondi to Khaligraph.

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