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Mothers attack Khaligraph’s wife for feeding four-month-old baby. She responds

Khaligraph Jones’ wife Georgina was the subject of online ridicule yesterday after posting a video of herself feeding her four-month-old son baby Luanda on her Instagram stories.

A section of online mothers was not happy with the mother of two feeding puree to her son at such a young age, especially since doctors advise embracing mother’s milk for up to 6 months.

They flocked Georgina’s inbox with messages of concern for the health of the baby.

Georgina’s response

Khaligraph’s wife was angered by the online trolls and decided to put them in their place.

She started by thanking them for raising their concern.

However, she made it clear that she has raised another child before and thus knows what she’s doing.

Georgina is known for her calm and softspoken nature, but she could not ignore those who thought she was doing a lousy job as a mother.

“Thankyou internet parents for expressing your concerns about me feeding my son pureed food at four months! But I’ve done this before once, so I should know what I’m doing right?” blurted a pissed off, Georgina.

Rapper Khaligraph Jones alongside his wife and daughter.

Khaligraph’s last born son recently turned four months when his mother decided to introduce him to real foods slowly.

However, the baby did not like the puree’s taste, and he ended up spitting the food out.

Georgina shared this critical milestone of her son with her internet fans not expecting to be ridiculed.

Georgina and Khaligraph are blessed with two children.

Their firstborn is a one and a half-year-old girl named Amali.

Khaligraph’s baby mama

Before settling with Georgina Muteti, Khaligraph had another son, Xolani, with his ex Cashy.

In September 2020, Cashy exposed her ex for neglecting his daddy duties and not paying child support.

She called him out on social media, asking him to help pay for his son’s medical bill.

“Niko nayo, yes. But hapatikani… my son is sick. In a Pandemic, and he is being negligent, despite my efforts to engage amicably. My child’s rights mean more than theatrics and showbiz” wrote Cashy.

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