Home Entertainment Kweli dunia ina mambo. Man jailed for bestiality

Kweli dunia ina mambo. Man jailed for bestiality

A 23-year old man from Kapenguria has been slammed with an 8-month jail term for engaging in bestiality with a cow.

John Kemei is accused of satisfying his unusual sexual appetite on the 19th of October at  Kaibos location in West Pokot Sub County.

Kemei committed the act during a  football match. According to witnesses, he was drunk when it happened.

John decided to take a walk as he waited for the match to start. He then saw a herd of cows grazing in the nearby field.

For some reason known best to him, Kenei felt the strong urge to engage in the unusual act.

Sammy Kemei told the court he saw John commit bestiality. He silently went back to his team members and said to them what he saw.

The club members silently sneaked up on him and caught him red-handed.

The angered players ganged up against John and lynched him. They were almost killing him had it not been for the police who came to his rescue.

Habitual act

According to Sammy, this was not the first time John was doing pekejeng with cows. He had been caught severally and reprimanded. However, he did not change his ways.

The police rescued and took him to the Kapenguria police station. A veterinary report was required before the case could proceed.

Kapenguria Resident Magistrate, Godfrey Okwengu found John guilty of the forbidden act. He disregarded John’s plea to be pardoned.

Godfrey added the evidence from the investigations proved John was guilty of committing bestiality. He sentenced him to eight months imprisonment.

According to the magistrate, the law has to be followed.

Bestiality is a crime under the Kenyan Law, penal code chapter 63, section 162(b). It is the act of engaging in a sexual act with an animal. However, penetration is needed for it to be considered a violation of the law.



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