Home Entertainment Sailors gang member apologises to Mwalimu Rachel after switching to gospel

Sailors gang member apologises to Mwalimu Rachel after switching to gospel

After revealing his grand plans of turning from secular music to gospel, Lexxy Yung, a former member of the Sailors gang gengetone crew, has come out to apologize to their former manager Mwalimu Rachel for the disagreement they had in 2020.

Lexxy Yung announced his decision to join the gospel industry last week and has decided to take the opportunity to right the wrongs he made in his past.

He released a video of him seated in front of a church, humbly explaining what happened while asking for forgiveness from the NRG show host.

Reason for Sailors and Mwalimu’s beef

Mwalimu Rachel had beef with Sailors gang after they ditched her label without notice and proceeded to sign with Black Market Records.

She refused to hand over the official logins to their Youtube and Instagram pages, insisting that they first pay her a sum of 1.5 million shillings.

Lexxy Yung started by thanking Mwalimu Rachel and said that she was the one person who recognized and decided to invest in their talent.

He credited Sailor’s gang’s success to her, claiming that she put their name on the map.

He made it clear that there remains no bad blood between them, even though Mwalimu refused to give them back their Youtube account.

However, he asked for forgiveness for the atrocity they committed against her, which was leaving her MRX label for another label.

He mentioned that they were still young boys who were learning from their experiences and asked her not to hold anything against Sailors.

“I want to thank Mwalimu Rachel for making Lexxy Young who he is right now even as I decide to start my journey in the gospel industry. We’ve come from far and as we know families quarrel sometimes. We as Sailors are cool with what happened, and if we hurt you in any way, we apologize,” said Lexxy Yung.

Lexxy Yung has currently deleted all his past photos on Instagram to pave the way for his new lifestyle in Christ.

He promises to continue releasing music, despite not being with his group members anymore.

Sailor’s gang rallied their support behind Lexxy’s new career and promised to remain friends with him.

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