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Former Sailor’s gang member sheds tears after losing child due to hospital’s negligence

Former Sailor’s gang member Lexxy Yung is very sad and disappointed after losing his unborn baby due to hospital’s negligence.

The young rapper’s girlfriend Faith was to deliver their child on June 4th at Limuru nursing hospital. Sadly, their baby passed away before seeing the light of day.

Lexxy Yung took to his Instagram to narrate to his fans what led to the loss of his unborn child.

Unfortunately, a nurse at the hospital who was responsible for breaking Lexxy’s girlfriend’s water accidentally poked the baby’s head and killed it instantly.

Lexxy Yung shed tears as he remembered all the clothes he bought his child in anticipation of his upcoming fatherly duties.

The sailor’s rapper vowed to pursue justice on the matter as he was sure that his child was perfectly healthy and kicking during the course of the pregnancy.

“Justice for my son is all I am seeking coz the mom was so excited then someone comes sleepy from the hospital’s nightshift to destroy my future and happiness. A nurse broke my girlfriend’s water and in the process stabbed my healthy baby boy,” narrated Lexxy.

In January 2021, Lexxy Yung announced that he quit Sailor’s gengetone group to pursue a career in the gospel industry.

He was a part of the five-member group, which rose to fame in 2018 with their popular and controversial hit ‘wamalambez.’

About one month ago, another Sailor’s gang member, Masilver, and his girlfriend Winny Wayua welcomed their first child to the world.

Despite being young, both insisted that they always wanted a child of their own and were very ready for parental duties.

Lexxy Yung’s opinion on LGBTQ

Lexxy was recently called out for his hateful comments towards the LGBTQ community.

The rapper believed that gays and lesbians should be burned alive in public as a means to curb the rise of homosexuality.

He argued that if God intended for humans to be gay, he would have given us similar sexual organs.

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