Machachari actor Baha and girlfriend reveal how they met and started dating


Machachari actor Tyler Mbaya aka Baha and his girlfriend Georgina Njenga are currently the most popular Instagram couple, and people can’t get enough of their cuteness.

After dating for months, the two have finally shared the story of how they met and began dating.

Baha disclosed that he was very lonely after completing his high school studies despite being busy with content creation.

Even though he was young, Baha longed for a serious relationship, so he began searching for a girlfriend.

However, the actor was not sure he would get a serious girl in his age range who he would be comfortable with.

Baha narrated how he used to witness girls his age cheat on their boyfriends, which made him very sceptical about the whole dating affair.

Baha was lucky to have a friend who was in a committed relationship with Nina, Georgina’s cousin.

Speaking about her side of the story, Georgina Njenga opened up about how she has been a fan of Tyler Mbaya ever since his days on Machachari.

She was surprised to learn that Nina knew Tyler and let her know that she didn’t mind being introduced.

Baha revealed that back then, he was broke owing to the poor economy brought by Covid19 and hoped that he would get a girlfriend who would understand his situation.

Nina introduced them, and Baha was shocked at how genuine and serious Georgina was.

Not expecting this, Baha chickened out and let Georgina know he was not ready to date.

Georgina proceeded to date another guy for four months.

Tyler tried contacting Georgina severally while she was in the other relationship, but she used every excuse not to meet Baha.

One Sunday, Georgina got stranded in Roysambu past curfew hours and worried about getting home.

So she called Baha, who immediately asked where she was and went to pick her. Swept by Tyler’s sweet gesture, the two began dating.

“Baha called me and asked me where I was and when I told him where I was, he came for me, and that’s how we started dating,” Georgina said.

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