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Machachari actress seeks financial help after going broke treating skin condition

Clara Wamaitha Ng’ethe, the actress who played Mama Stella in the Machachari kids’ show, seeks financial help from willing Kenyans to cater to her expensive medical bills and start a business as she is currently jobless.

Speaking with journalist Hiram Maina Njenga on his Youtube channel, the actress going by her street name Cindy, narrated how she began suffering from a rare skin condition, vitiligo, just before Machachari came to an end.

Coming from a perfectly healthy woman who did not expect her life to change so fast, mama Stella has since spent thousands of shillings in treating her vitiligo condition.

All the expenses left her broke, and she currently relies on her daughter, Margaret, to offset the hospital bills.

Mama Stella pleaded with Kenyans to help her open a sh 150,000 shoe business. She said it would come in handy now that the corona economy has left artists with zero job opportunities.

She added that she is still the great actress she was before and asked producers to consider her for acting jobs.

Cindy asked them to ignore her skin pigmentation but instead focus on her on-screen character.

Mama Stella subsequently shared going through depression owing to her sudden change in skin complexion.

She said that many people overlooked her for acting opportunities due to the condition.

It was her daughter’s and family members’ support and words of encouragement that kept her going.

After Machachari ended, Mama Stella was running a business in Gilgil, Nakuru county. She, however, closed it down and returned to Nairobi once Covid19 made sustaining the business hard.

During the interview, Clara Wamaitha shared her phone number, +254726405996. She asked anyone to connect her to a good vitiligo doctor who will help her reverse her skin to its original colour.

She also revealed that her daughter, who graduated with first-class honours in forensic science, is looking for a job and said she would appreciate any help.

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