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Machachari’s Baha reveals his high school grade and current job

Former Machachari actor Tyler Kamau Mbaya aka Bahati began acting at age six and was on our screens throughout his school life.

Juggling between childhood fame and school work was not easy for the star; however, he successfully completed his high school studies at Chania Boys.

In a recent interview with radio girl Massawe Jappani, Baha revealed that he got a B+ in KCSE, having passed all but a few subjects like Biology.
Baha’s favourite high school subject was literature as that was important for his showbiz career.
“The fact that I was public ndo ilikua inanipropel, ilifanya niogope aibu. Ilinipatia kick ya masomo. Mi nilipata B+ na nasmanga niliexcel.” said Baha.
His celebrity status fueled baha’s motivation to study as many people were now looking up to him.
He started school at a very young age and was able to complete his studies at 16.
After the Machachari show ended in 2019, Baha was featured in a few short films before finally taking a break from acting.
Currently, he has a Youtube channel where he posts short couple videos with his girlfriend, Georgina Njenga.
He disclosed that he is making money from the platform as he awaits future acting gigs.
Tyler Mbaya also opened up on being an orphan as he lost both parents at a young age.
His late mother Beth Nyambura aka Wanade, an actress in mother-in-law passed away in 2013, three years after his dad resumed to Kenya from his work abroad.
Tyler’s dad passed away two years later.
“I was just an early teen when I lost my mum. It was a drastic change as my mum was still helping me cope with a certain social class nilikuwa nimeingizwa juu ya jina yangu,” narrated Baha.
This forced the talented actor to take on a parenting role at a tender age.
By the time his mom passed away, Baha was in Nairobi school, but he transferred to Chania to be closer to his brother.

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