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Maina Kageni reveals he would have paid Sanaipei 6 million each year if she agreed to have his baby

Classic Fm Radio presenter Maina Kageni has never shied away from publicly declaring his love and adoration for vocal queen Sanaipei Tande.

In fact, Sanaipei Tande’s beauty and gorgeous voice led Maina to make her a crazy proposal, which she sadly said no to.

Ever since his debut on radio, Maina has expressed his disinterest in the marriage union and says he is comfortable being single.

However, Kageni was willing to compromise his beliefs if radio diva Sanaipei Tande agreed to have his child.

In 2007, Maina Kageni asked Sanaipei to bear him a child in exchange for a lifetime guarantee of financial safety.

The radio presenter pockets around 1.5 million shillings every month from his current media job and was willing to give Sanaipei 0.5 million shillings each month for hers and the baby’s upkeep.

Maina Kageni recently invited Sanaipei to an interview where he got to tease her for rejecting his proposal back then.

Maina disclosed that he intended to give her a huge family mansion located in Lavington together with a posh vehicle.

“First of all, why did you refuse to have my baby?” Maina  Kageni started asking Sanaipei. “I had given Sanaipei a proposition when she first joined radio; that if she had given me a baby, I would be giving her pocket money of half a million per month na gari na nyumba nzuri uko Lavington.”

Sanaipei’s response

A blushing Sanaipei was very disappointed that Kageni did not inform her of all these advantages that she would get after bearing his child.

However, she stated that she does not regret the decision she made.

The hardworking radio presenter added that she would not have been comfortable staying without working for the rest of her life.

“You see Maina, you told me I would never have to work a day in my life. That part for not working, I don’t believe. Taking care of that baby is work too. If you would have led with these expensive promises, then maybe I would have considered.” said Sanaipei Tande.

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