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    Man Breaks up With Girlfriend Who Demanded KSh 5500 from His KSh 8000 Salary

    • A young man named Chinedu Ihekwoaba has said that despite giving his former girlfriend KSh 5500, she never appreciated it
    • The man said at that time, many years ago, he was only earning KSh 8k monthly as a corps member
    • Netizens on Twitter asked him if he collected the KSh 4k before breaking up with the ungrateful lady

    A young man identified as Chinedu Ihekwoaba has shared online how she broke up with a lady he termed ungrateful.

    People asked if he collected his money after the breakup. Photo: @thepoetpreneur.

    The said girlfriend has asked him to give him KSh 5500 from his KSh 8k, but he only gave her Ksh 4k.

    However, the unsatisfied lady was not happy with the little money she was given and began ranting, which pissed off the man.

    His girlfriend wanted money to treat herself for her birthday, but the man could not afford to give her the total amount she requested due to the little cash he earned.

    Man dumps ungrateful lover who borrowed him money

    The man tried and gave her KSh 4k and remained with KSh 4k, which he hoped would help him survive for the remaining period of the month.

    According to Chinedu, the lady never appreciated it and said she would not say “thank you” until he made it up to the KSh 5500.

    He narrated that broke the camel’s back for him as he ended the relationship.

    Here is his post on Twitter:

    Netizens ask if he took his money back

    Those who reacted to the post wanted to know if he got back the money from the lady they described as ungrateful.

    Here are some of the comments from the post:

    @Ojiamaka_ commented:

    “Most times I wonder how some people are able to say stuff like this and mean it.”

    @jaypharsh added:

    “You should collect your money back.”

    @ejikemekassy2 said:

    “Just a quick question, did you get you Ksh 4k back?

    @Lifu47 asked:

    “You lost KSh 4k just like that?”

    @iamMista_jay commented:

    “Did you collect the 4k back in cash or transfer? If you haven’t till this day, Tag her make we help you collet it.”

    @fem_desmond added:

    “You should have said she should transfer the 4k back so that you can pay her in full. Then when she transfers it, you block her papa.”

    Man dumped by lover after paying her fees

    In a different report, a man named Deji was dumped by his girlfriend after he paid her school fees and sacrificed so much for her family.

    He revealed that he got admission into a university for his masters degree in Canada, but his girlfriend told him not to go so as not to put a strain on their relationship.

    Today, his girlfriend is reportedly married to a man in Vancouver, Canada, where she asked him not to go to school.


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