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Married twins change their story after receiving online backlash

Last week, a lady going by the name Lexxy on Instagram shared a video that shook Kenyans to the core.

The emotional video narrated the story of a twin brother and sister who fell in love, got married at a young age, and even have a child together.

Surprisingly the twins were hosted on Bonga na Jalas Youtube channel earlier today, where they denied everything they said on the video.

They claimed that they are childhood doppelgangers (people looking alike but not related) who are not related in any way whatsoever. They said that people highly misunderstood their story on Tiktok, which was not their intention.

Kiss Fm radio presenter Jalang’o inquired on how they were able to take a photo together while they were infants, to which they replied that both their parents have been close for a long time and that they brought them together.

However, during the interview, the lady twin Lexxy seemed unsure when saying the two were not related. She kept changing her statements, saying, “maybe we’re related, maybe we’re not,” which raised many suspicious questions among viewers.

Jalang’o then tried asking the alleged twins if they changed their story because of the backlash they received from the online community. To which they replied, “maybe, maybe not. “

“We’re not twins; we’re doppelgangers. We only came out so the doppelgangers could be known, but people misunderstood us.” Said Chiweru, the boy twin.

In the video they released last week, the Chiweru’s had revealed that they were chased out of their home by their parents because their relationship is considered taboo.

However, they chose to stick with each other, which led to Lexxy giving birth to a baby girl at 17 years of age.

They stated that they knew from a young age that they were meant to be together, and nothing was going to stand in the way of their love.

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