Meet Azziad the #utawezana challenge queen


Musicians Mejja and Femi one recently released a hit ‘utawezana’ that gave birth to the #utawezana challenge. With many netizens participating, one tweep, however, caught the eyes of many. She is Azziad Naisula, the queen of the utawezana challenge.

The smiling beauty recorded herself as she got down to the beat, clearly enjoying every minute. She then uploaded it on Tik Tok before uploading it on Twitter. As expected, KOT made the video trend before trolling her. However, some tweeps came out supporting Azziad and started the #istandwithazziad.

The majority of the netizens appreciated Azziad with her tiny waist and pretty face. Some were impressed with how she got down to the beat.

Shiko Femi One also commended her on her dance moves after receiving a ton of DMs on Instagram. She declared Azziad as the winner of the utawezana challenge.

However, some netizens, on the other hand, became sour and hurled negative comments at her. This negative vibe was after Azziad took to social media, condemning some of her friends who had allegedly shared her phone number.

As expected, mafisi Sacco was well represented as Azziad claimed many men flocked her inbox, trying to get her number. However, this did not sit well with the beauty as she took to social media complaining.

The beauty complained that while she ignored the men in her inbox, her friends were sharing out her number.

The beautiful dancer claimed she had started receiving calls from new numbers.

Vaa vizuri

Netizens, however, seemed offended, and the trolling comments started pouring in. One tweep went ahead to claim whatever she was experiencing was not cyberbullying. The tweep who goes by the name Sailors 254 DJ claimed if Azziad had dressed well, she would not have experienced the wrath of KOT.

Another tweep went ahead to claim that Azziad had given him her number. However, the tweep accuses the dancer of allegedly borrowing him money.

Here are some of the reactions.

Azziad supporters

Meet Azziad the #utawezanachallenge queen

Meet Azziad the #utawezanachallenge queen


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