Metro Trans Conductor Who Returned Woman’s KSh 200k Meant for Hospital Bill Urges Colleagues to Follow Suit


A Metro Trans matatu conductor who returned an envelope containing KSh 200,000 a lady forgot in his vehicle has urged his colleagues to emulate his example.

A Metro Trans conductor returned a passenger's KSh 200k.

Jobson Motari’s kind act was made public by the lady, Doreen Nyamuzi, who said the money was meant for her mother’s hospital bill.

“I boarded a matatu from town to Kairia two weeks ago and left an envelope with KSh 200,000 in the vehicle. I was going to pay my mother’s hospital bill.

Luckily, I asked the conductor, and he returned my envelope,” she wrote while urging Kenyans to promote Motari.

Motari speaks got a hold of Motari, who recounted the incident.

“She was seated next to me and forgot the envelope when she alighted. So I opened it and found money inside.

I went to town for another trip, and on returning to Kabiria, I found her waiting for me, and I returned the money,” he said.

Motari’s message to colleagues

Motari urged fellow matatu operators to follow suit, saying one should not take another person’s property.

He also stressed the need for good customer relations not only in the matatu sector but other businesses as well.

“I have shown an excellent example in customer relations. As a conductor, it is good to build a good relationship with clients.

You must keep their property safe and treat them with respect,” he told

Metro Trans celebrated Motari on social media for his selfless act.

“Goodness is about character. Integrity, honesty, kindness, generosity, moral courage, and the like.

More than anything else, it is about how we treat other people,” the company wrote.

Kind conductor helps lady cross road

In other news, reported that a Nairobi matatu conductor attached to the Super Metro transport company was celebrated for his kind act to a passenger.

Elijah helped an elderly Indian woman who was in his matatu cross the road to board another vehicle.

Social media users reacting to the post wished blessings upon the kind conductor.

Source: Tuko News


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