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Comedian Mulamwah brags about impressive KCSE results

In a true or false Instagram segment, comedian Mulamwah shut down his haters by sharing a photo of his impressive KCSE scores.

The comedian has been mocked by netizens for a long time, with many branding his comedy as ‘immature.’

However, the young man has proved that there are indeed big brains behind his simple stature.

Mulamwah attended St Anthony Boys High school in Kitale, where he did his exams and scooped a strong mean grade of A-.

The comedian shocked his fans by revealing that he scored an A plain in tough subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and computer studies.

David Oyando, aka Mulamwah, completed his high school studies in 2010 and then joined Moi University in Eldoret, where he pursued a nursing degree.

He graduated in 2018; however, he did not continue pursuing nursing.

Mulamwah’s comedy career began while he was still in campus.

He cracked people up with jokes during their Sunday services and thus decided to pursue comedy as his dream career.

He travelled to Nairobi for his university internship and was able to apply for auditions for the Churchill show.

He subsequently posted funny videos on his social media channels, which slowly boosted his career.

He is currently the brand ambassador of the ‘Kenya Cane’ alcohol brand.

Mulamwah quitting comedy

Last year in April, Mulamwah decided to quit comedy over frequent cyberbullying.

His ex-girlfriend Sonnie had just suffered a miscarriage in the third month of her pregnancy. She claimed that online trolls contributed to her miscarriage.

Mulamwah decided to burn down his signature t-shirt, vowing never to do comedy again.

“What was to make me happy makes me sadder, more enemies than friends. Too much negativity and trolls. I wasn’t here for fame and bad blood but fun.” said Mulamwah.

However, several fans persuaded the comedian who made his comeback to comedy.

He launched his personal Youtube channel where he shared his videos and his girlfriend Sonnie before their imminent breakup late last year.


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