Home Entertainment "Ending a relationship is not failure." Mulamwah's girlfriend speaks after public breakup

“Ending a relationship is not failure.” Mulamwah’s girlfriend speaks after public breakup

Comedian Mulamwah’s long term girlfriend Carol Sonnie has finally broken her silence after he penned her a long love letter on social media announcing the end of their relationship.

Through her Twitter account, Carol stated that anyone deserves to change or end their relationship if they are not happy; while adding that ending a relationship is not a failure.

“Regardless of the nature of the reltionship, you reserve the right to change or end it to protect yourself. Ending a relATIONSHIP IS NOT A FAILURE. wE BOTH DESERVE TO BE HAPPY,” WROTE sONNIE.

The two have been together for two years throughout Mulamwah’s comedy journey until two days ago when they decided to unfollow each other on their social media accounts and deleting all their photos together.

Mulamwah went on to confirm the news by penning a very long goodbye letter to his girlfriend on Instagram.

Through his letter, Mulamwah revealed that this year has been extremely tough on the couple that they almost lost everything.

However, he mentioned that dating Sonnie has been the best time of his life.

From Mulamwah’s message, his girlfriend was the one who called it quits on their relationship; however, they refused to disclose the real reason why.

“This was not an easy decision to make at all, especially at this point in my life. The day we met, we laughed for a few minutes, not knowing that we will be together for the next two years,” wrote Mulamwah.

The comedian wished his girlfriend the best life ahead and thanked her for always staying by his side, making sure that people did not see him as a caricature.

He added that he will always love her and that he respects the decision she made.

“I always wished for a cute girl but God made me an exquisite one. I always carried you on my shoulders; I don’t know what you saw ahead while was too preoccupied making sure that you remain at the top.”

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Dear SONIE , 💔 I am not a prolific Writter but I will try …. This wasn't an easy decision to make at all , especially at this point of my life . it has been a tough year already for me , and for both of us too , almost losing everything . But all this hapening now has been synergized and augumented by the recent “anthology” of events best known to us . The day we met we Laughed for a few minutes , made fun not knowing that we will be still together for the next 2years . Fate brought us together , and it's here again but for different reasons . I always wished to have a cute girl but God gave me an exquisite one , more than I had asked for . It has been real , the love … the fun and everything else we did together. I can't recall all but honestly it has been the best time of my life . I always carried you on my shoulders ; I don't know what you saw ahead 🥺 while was too preoccupied making sure that you remain at the top . I always believed that when you elevate your woman she will stand in for you when you are at your worst , and for many others in society too. That's all I ever wished and still wish for you , the very best in life , and in all aspects . Lessons are there to be learned, and eggs have to be broken to make omelettes . Mwenye alienda haja husahau , but mwenye alikanyaga hatawai . I believe all this will one day make sense . Asante sana for always being there for me . You made sure that am not a caricature. Can't say any more but wish you all the best the world can offer in your Bussiness , familly and careeer. I respect everything about you and decisions , what makes you happy makes me happy too , for the gender is for the goose , For this , Some will be happy (Kamati) , some sad but What matters is how you feel and progress on , even as we part ways I will always love you and keep you at heart until the day I will undergo rigor mortis , livor mortis and algor mortis . The when , the why and the how remains between us . Merci mi amor 🖤🖤

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