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Nameless and Wahu to share their love story on Showmax

For the first time ever, celebrity couple Nameless and Wahu will share details about their love life with their fans.

The couple will share their story on Showmax in a new series called This Love Private. The docu-series will premiere on 24th May this year.

Nameless and Wahu have been married for approximately 15 years. Most people respect them for their dedication to their marriage. The couple has also managed to keep their family away from the public eye for 15 years.

In the new series, the couple will highlight their history, love life, family, and lessons they have learned so far.

“Sharing our journey as we create our very first album together is exciting, to say the least. We look forward to opening the doors for our fans during this creative process. We will share the challenges and joys of working together and introduce the team behind the music,” the couple said.

Eugene Mbugua’s production company is the one that has produced this new series. It is the same company that produces Sol Family, Our perfect wedding, and Stori Yangu, among other Kenyan series.

Eugene Mbugua said that he came up with the idea in 2018 and approached Nameless and Wahu with it.

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