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    Nameless explains why he abandoned salvation as a child

    ‘This is love’ hitmaker David Mathenge aka Nameless, is one of the most successful secular artists in the country.

    Back in primary school, when he was a young standard four pupil, Nameless decided to embrace salvation.However, things were not easy for him, and he ended up backsliding after three days.

    While speaking on their new reality show, Nameless hilariously explained how excited he was to begin that new chapter in his life.

    So he went to school on Monday and let all his friends know that he was now born again.

    His fellow students understood that being saved means you become a good person, and they all flocked around him during break time so he could give them a portion of his food.

    Nameless did not enjoy his new lifestyle and ended up calling all his classmates to a meeting that week on Thursday.

    He then let them know that he was no longer a saved Christian, and so they should stop borrowing his break time snack.

    “I got saved in standard four and I was very excited. Nikaenda shule nikaambia watu I’m saved then wakaanza kuniomba break coz saved people were supposed to be very good people,” Nameless started laughing.

    He continued,

    “By Wednesday nikaanza kusema being saved inanipea stress coz I’m being given demands. So Thursday nikafanya press conference nikawaambia I’m not saved anymore waache kuniomba break yangu.”

    Three weeks ago, Nameless and Wahu launched their own reality show on Showmax dubbed ‘This love Private.’

    The show is a thirteen-part documentary reality series where they will be sharing details of their lives with viewers for the first time.

    Wahu and Nameless have been married for fifteen years and are respected for keeping their family life away from the prying public eyes.

    They are blessed with two daughters, Tumiso and Nyakio Mathenge. Wahu, in a past interview, revealed that she will not be having more kids.

    The duo are currently recording their first music album together.

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