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Netizens lead a campaign to boycott EABL after they suspended advertisements on Homeboyz radio

Kenyans on Twitter led by Rogue radio presenter Andrew Kibe have initiated a campaign to boycott East Africa Breweries Limited (EABL) products a day after the company suspended its advertisements on all Radio Africa platforms.

The move by EABL was prompted by the insensitive remarks shared by Homeboyz presenters Shaffie Weru, Dj Joe Mfalme, and Neville Musya regarding Eunice Wangari, a victim of gender-based violence.

The three presenters were fired shortly after EABL’s announcement, which subsequently infuriated several Kenyans.

Controversial radio personality Kibe pointed out that the institution failed to call out the Kiambu woman who recently stabbed three men and drank their blood but instead pushed for the firing of Shaffie Weru and his counterparts for simply voicing out their opinions.

The former Kiss FM presenter urged his fans to embrace drinks made by Tabitha Karanja’s Keroche breweries, adding that feminism will be the downfall for many corporations.

“Feminism will bring down corporations faster than corruption or mismanagement. Juzi tu a chille stabs a nigga, kills two more, and is found drinking their blood, but let’s call out Shaffie and the boys for having a f** opinion. When did we do away with common sense? Ata summit ya keroche si ni pombe. Kwanza it’s Kenya owned which is even better. You cancel us; we cancel you. Mtajua wanaume ndio hununua pombe hizi streets,” wrote Andrew Kibe on Twitter.

Vocal blogger Cyprian Nyakundi joined Kibe’s bandwagon by urging his fans to post photos enjoying drinks from any of EABL’s rivals as a way of sending a message to corporate cartels.

Consequences of Homeboyz presenters’ statements

In light of the ongoing scandal, Communications Authority of Kenya has fined Homeboyz radio a sum of one million Kenyan shillings and suspended their morning program for the next six months.

Additionally, the station has been ordered to publish a public apology in two national newspapers and broadcast an apology on TV stations for the next five days.

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