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Netizens tear down Natalie Tewa after alleged threats to Edgar Obare’s life while in police custody

On Friday night, the 31st of July 2020 reports of Edgar Obare’s life being in danger surfaced online through blogger Xtian Dela.

Dela mobilized netizens on his Instagram page and started a #FreeEdgarObare hashtag. He further encouraged other netizens to spread the word so that Edgar Obare can regain his freedom.

Edgar Obare is currently in police custody since the 30th of July 2020. According to reports, DCI officers arrested him for doxing (publishing identifying or personal information on the internet with malicious intent). The officers arrested him at his Kisumu home and brought him to Nairobi.

Edgar Obare had recently published a story on Natalie Tewa and joho. According to him, miss Tewa had traveled with Joho to Dubai when he had gone to visit Raila. He further published Tewa’s passport as evidence that she had indeed traveled.

According to Dela, Obare’s life is in danger.  He further cautioned netizens not to take it lightly. However, he did not reveal the exact details.

He later on, claimed that the police at the Gigiri Police station wanted to transfer him to a safer location. Dela questioned which other places would be more reliable than a police station. According to Dela, Obare refused.

Netizens tear down Natalie.

Netizens took the discussion on twitter under two hashtags; #freeedgarobare and Natalie Tewa. The topic trended for the better part of the day ith netizens roasting Natalie Tewa.

Some netizens mobilized others to report, block, and unfollow Natalie Tewa’s accounts on social media platforms. Others rallied their support by promoting the two hashtags, while others claimed they would visit Obare at his police cell in Gigiri police station.

However, Huddah bashed Edgar and seemed not to agree with the free Edgar Obare hashtag. According to her, some bloggers break homes with the stories they post. She further claimed that this would serve as an example to other bloggers.

You can follow the discussion on #freeedgarobare and Natalie Tewa. here are some of the tweets.


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