Niliomba msamaha but hakutaka kunisamehea – Mulamwah finally opens up about Kamene Goro and cyber bullying allegations


Comedian Mulamwah has finally addressed allegations that he once cyberbullied radio host Kamene Goro. In his latest YouTube video, the comedian agreed that he harassed the curvaceous radio queen.

He, however, claims immediately he noticed he had crossed lanes, Mulamwah tried reaching out to Kamene to apologize. According to him, he always looks up to the bigwigs in the entertainment industry.

The comedian claims he did not intend to cyberbully Ms Goro. He attributes this incidence to the fact that he was still new in the industry and did not know how to handle such matters.

However, according to Mulamwah, Kamene Goro did not accept his apology. This is despite him begging her in her DMs to forgive him.

“Nikaenda Dm na Nika apologize for nilijaribu like ushairequest msamaha kwa mtu like manze I look up to those big people so nikiskia nimekosea ata anyone eii nafeel vibaya sana like it wasn’t my choice so nili DM Nika DM but she was resilient and she couldn’t forgive,” Mulamwah commented.

The comedian went ahead to ask for forgiveness from Kamene Goro for the second time. He hopes that this time, she will forgive him.

Kamene Goro and Mulamwah

The radio queen accused Mulamwah of body-shaming her sometime back when she uploaded a picture of herself and radio host Rono chilling in the pool. According to her, the comedian took it too far when he claimed all the water would pour out if the two went for a swim.

We are on good terms.

According to him, however, they are not in bad terms since Kamene Goro has not yet blocked him on her social media platforms and neither has he. Further Mulamwah adds that they still like each other pictures showing they still are on good terms.

“I just want to tell her sorry about that, and I see we are good. Hajaniblock sijamblock, tunalike maphotos so thank you so much,” Mulamwah added.

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