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NMG journalist quits to run own media house

Digital Sub-Editor Mac Otani has left the Nation Media Group (NMG) after working in the company for three years to concentrate on his recently launched media house.

In an exclusive interview with a local publication on Tuesday June 22, Otani revealed that he resigned from one of the biggest media companies in Kenya to pursue his other interests.

He further said that he was inspired to start Swala Nyeti after being synonymously associated with the term from his everyday interactions for over ten years.

“I resigned. I want to try other adventures away from the media like consultancy, influencing and manage my own site. Swala Nyeti is one of the projects I left to start.

“I quit to pursue my own dreams. If you have been on social media, I use the hashtag Swala Nyeti and I have used it for over a decade and it has become synonymous to who I am. I decided to start a site around it. It somehow portrays what I want and where I want to go,” he explained.

Since the media house’s launch in 2020, Otani divulges that its workforce has been steadily rising, and it already has five employees.

He further revealed that he is actively seeking to grow the outlet into a reputable entity centered around providing the latest breaking news and clips straight from the entertainment industry.

“I set the agenda, the tone and the direction that I want based in what I believe in. The site has been active since last year but someone was running it,” he noted.

This latest project adds to the media personality’s impressive career spent around various media houses in Kenya spanning more than a decade.

Otani kicked off his media career at Pamoja FM in 2007, where he was tasked with covering Parliament, arranging parliamentary and political interviews for station programs.

He then went to Ghetto Radio for three years till 2012 before joining Royal Media Services (RMS) as a radio commentator, radio news editor and Digital and Social Media Editor.

He later moved to Nation Media Group in January 2018 as a Digital Editor, writer, and Social Media Producer.

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