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Nyota Ndogo’s husband finally reaches out after ignoring her for two months

Swahili musician Nyota Ndogo is over the moon as her white husband has finally contacted her after ghosting her for two months.

Nyota’s husband reached out to her via WhatsApp, saying how much he’d missed her.

She shared a screenshot of the message revealing that this is the first time her husband has unblocked her contact on his phone.

An excited Nyota inquired with her fans on how she should reply to her husband’s message since she was not expecting it.

She also bragged that her husband still uses her picture as his profile photo despite their disagreement.

Nyota went on to mention that she will not be sleeping tonight but will spend her night staring at the dotting message her man sent her.

“Jameni amkeni. Leo Nakesha, nimebluetickiwa na nikaitwa wife amenimiss jamani amkeni. Nimeshindwa lakujibu jamani silali. Leo ntaangalia tu huu ujumbe….Yenyewe mume wangu nilimsave sabuni ya moyo wangu amerudi,” wrote Nyota Ndogo on social media.

This development comes a few days after Nyota Ndogo decided to give up on her quest to get her hubby back. Going on social media, she said that she had started getting used to the pain.

Nyota Ndogo and her husband were not on good terms since April 1st when she pranked him that she is pregnant.

Her husband was completely shocked by the news as he had been out of the country since January and decided to no longer speak to the songstress.

Nyota sent several online apologies that fell onto deaf years and even tried to reach out to her husband’s daughter unsuccessfully.

Deciding not to give up, the musician flew to Denmark on May 22nd, where she hoped to get a chance to have a one on one conversation with her husband and finally settle the issue.

Nyota Ndogo bashed Kenyans who claimed she was desperately after her husband for his money.

She claimed that as far as she needs cash to survive, what she really longs for is her husband’s affection.

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