Home Entertainment Popular gengetone group Ochungulo splits up after 4 years

Popular gengetone group Ochungulo splits up after 4 years

Members of famous gengetone group Ochungulo family, Benzema, Dmore and Nelly the Goon have officially part ways after four years of releasing back to back great music.

The announcement was made earlier today through Nairobi Gossip’s Instagram page.

Nelly the Goon, leader of the troop, has now taken over their Youtube channel and deleted all the hit songs they uploaded since 2017. He renamed the channel Nelly the goon. He is yet to reveal the reason why the group is separating.

“Just some news, Ochungulo imeisha so hii group ni ya Nelly the goon sasa, ya Ochungulo ameitake. All music off as well.” Read the inbox message sent to Nairobi Gossip.

The news came as a shock to many young fans since the group has been a success since their debut.

They have released great hits which ranked millions of views on Youtube such as kaa na mama yako, pandemic, aluta, make-up, mbiginjii among many others.

They captured fans with their raw talents in turning trending topics into hit songs.

Ochungulo Family

Nelly the Goon was the group poet who always delivered witty rhymes related to everyday adventures, and you couldn’t stop nodding your head at his effortless flow.

Benzema, aka Alehandro, was the ladies man who charmed us with his slutty but catchy lines.

Without Benzema, Ochungulo lacked the umph that would have you vibing to their songs.

Last group member D more was the hype guy. His bass voice and simple stature added to the allure of their music.

All three artists began focusing on their individual projects last year.

Benzema was featured in several collabos including foto moto by Notiflow, paka permit by Murasta, najikakamua by Adasha and Bahati’s Wanani remix.

Nelly appeared in Triomio’s cheza kama wewe while Dmore was featured in parroty’s tuko locked and many others.

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