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Wanakasirika nini? Omosh responds to Jalango and Ali Nur’s criticism

Kiss 100 radio presenter yesterday, June 27, called out Tahidi High actor Joseph Kinuthia aka Omosh, for lyìng about the amount of money he received four months ago when he was languishing in poverty.

Jalang’o assured Kenyans that he helped Omosh raise more than one millions shillings, aided him in acquiring a piece of land and a house.

Hon Ali Nur, who gave Omosh a hundred thousand shillings in cash and food worth sixty thousand, was disappointed at the actor.

He said that Omosh took advantage of his kindness and vowed never to assist him again.

These comments were made moments after Omosh went live on TV47, asking Kenyans for monetary contributions as he is once again broke.

This morning, Milele Fm reached out to the former Citizen TV actor to get his thoughts on Jalango’s and other critics’ opinions.

Omosh stated that there was no need for anyone to be mad at him.

He claimed that the cash he received was used to settle all his previous debts, and he ìs now left with less than a hundred thousand for sustenance.

“Wanakasirika nini? I don’t lie I am a Christian. There is no need to be mad at me. I had many loopholes that I filled with that money.”

Omosh mentioned he was thankful for the money he received; however, he said that only a good job can sustain his two wives and children.

So far, he has received job offers from towns like Kericho, Garissa, and Maralal, where he says he can’t go owing to his family living in Nairobi.

“Even if you give me money, It will be over at some point. But a job can sustain me. I can’t account for how much money I received but right now I’m remaining with less than 100k.”

In another separate video uploaded on his Instagram account, Omosh said that problems never end, which is why he sought out Kenyan for help.

He made it clear that he was not forcing anyone to contribute, rather, he only asked those who were willing.

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