Omosh Says He Is Tired of Being Asked About New House, Will Move Into It Soon


  • Former Tahidi High actor Omosh said that Kenyans should give him breathing space even as he thinks of moving into his new house

The actor noted that he is in talks with his family to determine whether they should move or not

  • Media reports had earlier indicated that the actor and his family had not moved into their new house even though construction was complete

Former Tahidi High actor Joseph Kinuthia, known to many as Omosh has urged his fans not to worry about him and his plans of moving into his new house.

Omosh disclosed Kenyans will know when he moves into his new house.

Private space

Omosh asked his fans to be patient and wait for his announcement as he moves into his new house.

Speaking in a candid phone interview with’s Douglas Baya aka Mr Exclusives, Omosh disclosed that his new house is complete, only that he needs time to put things in order before moving in.

Omosh told this writer that he is still in talks with his family and he is considering various options, owing to the fact that his move will also affect his children and family as a whole.

”About me moving into my new house, I really do not want to make that a public affair. This is because I do not want people to know when I am moving or not,” Omosh told

The revered actor noted that he wants to lead a private life from now henceforth but also confirmed that he will move into his new house anytime from this exclusive interview.

”There are plans to move in soon but I just want Kenyans to give me time and leave me and my family alone for a while as we bounce ideas on whether we should move or not. I am a family man and I have children. I cannot just wake up and move. So I am in consultations with members of my family to reach an amicable decision and solution,” Omosh added.

Family comes first

Omosh wrapped by thanking Kenyans for supporting him althrough his journey but begged them to just keep off and not ask him about his new house, family affairs and when he will move in.

”I do not want people to keep asking me about that house. I just want to be left alone. I would really appreciate it if my fans would ask me questions about my acting career but not my private family affairs, including whether I will move into the new house or not,” Omosh stated.

Omosh wrapped up the exclusive interview by confirming that Kenyans will definitely know when he finally moves into his new house.

”Kenyans will know when I move in. Even the neighbours will inform the world when I move in,” Omosh said.

His sentiments came barely days after a cross-section of the Kenyan media reported that he had revealed he will move into his house soon.

As earlier reported by and other media entities, Omosh disclosed that he was following up on the final touches on his new house and also engaging himself with his entire family about moving into the new home.

Source: Tuko

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