Over 1 Million Kenyans are Addicted to Love Making, Expert Says It’s a Medical Condition


  • Medical practitioner Dr Joachim Osur revealed more than one million people in the country have hypersexuality
  • He said this is a medical condition that can affect one’s relationships, health, career and close people around them because they cannot control their desires
  • According to the doctor, people with such conditions ought to seek medical help to help then identify any underlying issues that make them engage in this disorder as an outlet

Health expert Dr Joachim Osur has revealed more than one million people are struggling with hypersexuality, a medical condition that can affect their health, relationships, careers and other people around them.

Dr Joachim Osur. Photo: Screenshot of My Health Diary video interview/Youtube.

What is hypersexuality disorder

According to the doctor, this is an abnormal desire for people to get intimate with partners, and they cannot control themselves.

While appearing as a panel on NTV’s My Health Diary show, the doctor said this disorder can get in the way of so many things in someone’s life.

“Majority are people who cannot trace it to anything. It is estimated that five per cent of the population have hypersexuality this translates to about one million people. Most don’t even know they have a problem so they will not go to a hospital,” he said.

The health expert most people who have this disorder spend a lot of time and resources in actualising these desires, and sometimes they do not want to do it but find themselves engaging in these activities.

This usually results in regret and frustrations and sometimes end up with other psychiatric conditions like depression.

These people tend to go the extreme mile and buy the pleasure if they cannot get it for free to release their pressure.

However, the doctor said people who think they have this disorder should seek medical help to determine any underlying issues that may be the root cause.

Kenya runs out of free contraceptives

Two days ago, TUKO.co.ke reported a public outcry from public hotels, restaurants and hospitals asking the government to restock their dispensers with free protection.

Since 2020, no dispensers in these public facilities have not been restocked, yet the country needs 455 million condoms annually.

NASCOP has acknowledged the shortage, and a committee has been formed to help resolve the dire situation.

Source: Tuko


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