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Pascal Tokodi reveals how he met his wife Grace Ekirapa

Pascal Tokodi’s wife Grace Ekirapa has turned 25-years-old today, and while wishing her a happy birthday on social media, the Selina actor disclosed how the two met.

Like many of us, Pascal Tokodi first knew Grace Ekirapa from NTV’s Sunday Crossover, however,  he had no idea that she would eventually be his soulmate.

One lucky day, Pascal Tokodi visited Java coffee house, and while he was there, gospel singer Grace Ekirapa walked in for some pancakes.

Being the first time seeing the 25-year-old in person, Pascal narrated how Grace’s beauty rendered him speechless. He was overjoyed when she chose to sit by his side.

Their relationship has blossomed ever since, and they tied the knot in February 2020 in a secret wedding ceremony attended by close family and friends.

Pascal continued professing his love for his wife and promised to take good care of her.

The actor also disclosed that he is planning to make Grace a mother soon.

“On a certain 4th, You walked in a certain Java. It was my first time seeing you in person. I remember staring at you as you looked for a place to sit. You should’ve seen how wide I smileD when you chose the seat next to me. For a guy who usually has a lot to say, I was speechless that day,” wrote Pascal.

This comes five days after Pascal Tokodi celebrated his 28th birthday.

His wife hosted a fancy surprise birthday party for him in their mega-mansion. They shared the video of the beautiful occasion on their new Youtube channel.

In attendance were a few of their close friends.

Grace also posted a heartwarming birthday message on Instagram, accompanied by a romantic video of their best couple moments.

Ekirapa’s previous relationships

Before meeting Pascal Tokodi, Grace Ekirapa had been in troubled relationships.

During an interview with Radio presenter Massawe Jappani, she revealed that one of her boyfriends broke up with her three times in the span of their four-year relationship.

The man eventually proposed to her; however, he disappeared before the set wedding day.

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