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Flamboyant pastor Lucy Natasha comes to the rescue of broke 2020 hitmaker Justina Syokau

A week ago, ‘twendy twendy’ hitmaker Justina Syokau, in an interview with Hiram Kamuhunjia, disclosed that she had gone broke treating a skin condition that attacked her for months since the beginning of the year.

Justina pleaded with her faithful supporters to help her raise money for food, her overdue rent arrears, and her housegirl’s payments which she was unable to cater for.

On Sunday, May 10th, popular city pastor Reverend Natasha who had spent time with Justina Syokau when she was in the limelight, paid her a visit.

Natasha, accompanied by ministers of her church, blessed the struggling singer with foodstuffs and household shopping for the next coming weeks.

They also organised a live Facebook fundraising event for Justina’s ksh two million medical bill.

Justina Syokau was moved to tears by the gesture of the Oracle pastor.

She showed Natasha the several drugs she has been taking and the marks the skin condition left on her body.

Natasha held prayers for Justina Syokau, who people claimed had been bewitched owing to her fast rise to fame.

She also condemned netizens who have been trolling Justina’s fall from grace.

“Thanks a lot, my spiritual mother Rev Lucy Natasha and your pastoral team for coming to pray with me.Thanks for the foodstuff and fundraising money for my medical bill. I am so grateful,” wrote Justina on social media.

Justina Syokau’s medical bill

Several Kenyans, however, questioned why Justina Syokau refused to reveal the name of the hospital she was admitted to or share the papers indicating the medical bill.

While on the Live fundraising session with Rev Lucy Natasha, Justina said that the hospital did not want to be publicized.

Justina’s marriage

In a recent interview, Justina opened up on the struggles of raising her child alone.

She stated that her ex-husband, who is a senior government official, had neglected them.

Justina got married in a colourful wedding in 2012, but her marriage did not last.

Her husband kícked her out of his house when their child was two weeks old and married their househelp.

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