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‘Nilizaa na wewe?’ Pastor Ng’ang’a rudely bashes women seeking his financial help

Controversial city pastor Maina Nga’ng’a has been trolled in the past for some of the rude responses he gives his congregants despite being a minister of the Christian religion.

However, no matter how much people express their detest in his actions, pastor Ng’ang’a is rarely moved and continues airing his blunt, honest truths during his church sermons.

Another yet questionable video of Pastor Ng’ang’a has just surfaced online where he is seen rudely mocking some of his less fortunate congregants who have been seeking his financial help.

Speaking during one of his church services, the Neno evangelist pastor was angered with one woman who called him asking for money to help cater to her children’s needs.

What upset the man of God was when the mother insisted on getting his help due to her condition.

“Sasa niko na watoto nifanye nini?” inquired the woman after pastor failed give her financial aid.

This statement pushed pastor Ng’ang’a to go on a rant to his congregants, saying that he is not responsible for the woman’s troubles being that he did not father her children.

According to pastor Ng’ang’a, he only had money for the construction of church buildings and that it was in fact, the congregants who were supposed to help him.

Pastor Ng’ang’a instructed the woman and any other church members to go to the government if they wished to get any money assistance.

“Usinipigie simu nikulipie nyumba. Nyumba lipiwa na government. Wewe nilipie mimi. Mimi ndio kuhani wew sio kuhani. Mi nataka kujengea Mungu. Ati hauna pesa ya chakula ya watoto, nilizaa na wewe? Huyo mama ananiuliza ati sasa niko na watoto sasa nifanye nini. Mimi Ng’ang’a uniulize hivyo, rudisha kwa tumbo. Hata hauna aibu, mimi natafuta simiti ya kujenga.” Said pastor Ng’ang’a.


Pastor Ng’ang’a has also previously gone after some of the pastors of his church’s branches who tried to poison his wife against him.

He openly threatened to close down their churches if they dared defy his authority again.

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