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“Please stop sending me nudes.” Akothee tells thirsty men in her dm

Popular singer and businesswoman Esther Akoth alias Akothee was surprised and disgusted with perverted men sending her photos of their nudes on social media.

Going on her Facebook account, the mother of five blasted the shameless men who spammed her inbox messages with dirty images.

Akothee said that she was unaware that men tried seducing ladies with naked photos of themselves.

She termed the act disrespectful, being that she has already sired five kids and is a respected member of society.

Due to the rise of such kinds of messages in Akothee’s inbox, the musician stated that she currently fears opening any new texts.

“Please stop sending me those ugly organs in my inbox. It’s disrespectful. I didn’t know men do send nudes too. I’m afraid of opening and reading dms now lest I meet them,” she wrote.

The Rosy tissues brand ambassador is not only known for her massive wealth but also for her no-nonsense replies to online bullies.

Recently, Akothee dragged her family members for accusing her of being a member of the secret Illuminati society.

Additionally, they claimed she sacrificed one of her recently passed-on sister-in-law for money.

Akothee, who was tired of the ignorant ‘Illuminati theory going round, was disappointed by her relatives’ statements being that they have seen her whole journey from poverty to success.

She advised them to work hard like she did instead of envying her success.

Akothee subsequently released a song on her Youtube channel dubbed ‘hayakuhusu.’

The song was a warning to all her online stalkers and haters to desist from the behaviour as madam boss’ life is none of their concern.

She reminded the gossip mongers that she would continue living lavishly while they languish in poverty.

Early last week, Akothee, who currently lives alone, hinted that she might be in the search for a sixth and final child.

However, she declared that she would give up if she does not get pregnant in the next four years.

“It’s been six years, yawa; if I don’t get pregnant in this remaining four years, I will quit,” wrote Akothee on Instagram.

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