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Professor Hamo asks for DNA test to confirm who fathered Jemutai’s children

Churchill comedian Herman Kago famously known as Professor Hamo, asked for a DNA test from his baby mama Stella Bunei aka Jemutai, to ascertain who the father of her two children, Jeremy and Kaylee is.

The DNA test was conducted on Tuesday, May 4th, at Kenya Medical Research Institute(KEMRI) and will be released in two weeks.

Comedian Jemutai shared the news through blogger Edgar Obare.

She reported that she had a meeting with her baby daddy Hamo, their boss Daniel Ndambuki aka Churchill and a few friends on Monday this week.

After an amicable talk, Professor Hamo agreed to take care of his children’s school fees.

On Wednesday, May 5th, Hamo, accompanied by his brother, met jemutai at Big Square restaurant in Nairobi.

They shared a meal together, and Hamo handed Jemutai the agreed school fees, which she paid yesterday.

Why the DNA test?

Jemutai previously mentioned that Hamo doubted the paternity of their last-born daughter.

According to Jemutai, the child resembles her baby daddy from her looks, laugh to her walking style.

Jemu said she was shocked when Hamo stated his doubt. However, she was willing to conduct a DNA test to prove him wrong.

The two began dating in 2015 after meeting at the Churchill show set.

Despite Hamo having another family in Nakuru, their relationship blossomed, and Jemutai got pregnant with her first child.

She revealed that Hamo denied his fatherly responsibility and disappeared from their lives.

He came back months later when Jemutai landed a lucrative deal with Safaricom.

They lived together and sired another child. In October 2020, Hamo left Jemutai and went back to his Nakuru family.

He ignored all her efforts to reach out to him, leaving Jemutai struggling to raise her children alone.

When all hope was lost for Jemutai, she exposed Hamo’s deeds and resorted to selling her Facebook account with over 870,000 followers for sh 1. 7 million.

This was to settle her overdue rent arrears and cater for her children’s needs.

“The last time Hamo paid rent was last year October, and from then, he refused to pick the caretaker calls,” narrated Jemutai.

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