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Churchill comedian Prof. Hamo denies deadbeat dad accusations

“I have been taking care of my kids from day one, and they have never gone a day without food, shelter or anything they need.” This is what Churchill comedian Professor Hamo said after being accused of neglecting the two kids he sired with workmate, Jemutai.

For the past two days, netizens have flocked Prof Hamo’s social media handles, calling him out for living lavishly while his baby mama Jemutai and children languished in poverty.

He was accused of abandoning Jemutai when she lost her job in 2020, leaving her with the burden of raising their son Jeremy and daughter Kaylee by herself.

The former Hot 96 presenter denied the deadbeat dad accusations.

He confirmed that he has another wife and children in Nakuru and said that he has been sending money to Jemutai through her.

Herman Kago, aka Prof Hamo, stated that he has been present in all his children’s lives and ensured they never lacked any basic needs.

“I have children who live with me and others who don’t live with me. My wife is the one who sends upkeep to the children who don’t live with us. This has been the agreement between the mother of my children and me.”

Hamo condemned Jemutai’s actions of exposing their affairs to the public. He said that it is ‘inhuman’ to expose their growing children to such online ridicule.

Hamo explained that Jemutai’s rush actions might be because he had not given his family a perfect life owing to the unforeseen challenges brought by the pandemic.

Hamo and Jemutai’s relationship

Jemutai and Hamo, for the longest time, kept their affair away from social media until recently when Jemutai, asking for financial assistance, decided to reveal the truth through blogger Edgar Obare.

The two began datíng in 2015 after meeting at Churchill’s show.

Hamo, at the time, already had a wife living in Nakuru but was living in Nairobi with his sister when they met.

Comedian Jemutai and Hamo’s first wife have a cordial relationship. She disclosed that she even used to pay the school fees of Hamo’s other children.

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