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Radio Africa to sue Shaffie Weru for 150 million over reputational damage

Radio Africa Group(RAG) has sent a letter to Shaffie Weru’s lawyers, which indicates that they will be suing their client for damaging their 20-year reputation and causing them loss of businesses.

The company is demanding 150 million shillings compensation from their former Programs controller, Shaffie Weru.

According to RAG, their former employee violated the company’s policies and employment contract, which was grounds for termination.

The Star news reported that the media company sighted Shaffie’s recent scandal as gross misconduct, saying that he ought to know better, having been in the industry for almost two decades.

The company admitted to having taken all its employees through several training sessions on ethics & code of conduct and conflict-sensitive journalism prior to the day their presenters made insensitive remarks. 

“His actions amount to severe gross misconduct. He should’ve known better, having been in the media industry for 18 years and receiving continuous training on media regulators’, broadcasting regulations, and codes of conduct and ethics. Including a recent training by the Media Council of Kenya in February 2021, which covered: Ethics and Code of Conduct, Fake news and Fact-checking, Interview skills, Conflict Sensitive Journalism, Hate Speech Dilemma in media, On-air presentation skills,” Radio Africa stated.

Shaffie Weru’s demand letter

On March 30th, Shaffie Weru’s lawyer, DR Nabil Orina, sent a letter to Radio Africa demanding a twenty-one million shilling compensation for unfair and unlawful termination.

They addressed the letter to RAG’s general manager where they stated that Shaffie be paid one month’s salary of sh 682,500, 12 months subsequent salary, and a gratuity fee of sh 12,285,000.

The former Kiss Fm presenter gave his former employer seven days to act on his demands, failure to which he threatened to take them to court. 

Shaffie’s report stated that the radio station fired him based on allegations made by ‘social media investigators and jury’ instead of conducting actual investigations.

They also did not give him a fair chance to defend himself as required by the constitution.

He alluded that the radio station was looking for a crafty way to terminate his employment and avoid paying his terminal wages. 


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