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Luo rapper Japesa allegedly arrested for Insulting President Uhuru Kenyatta

Obscene Luo rapper Phillip Okoyo aka Japesa has allegedly been arrested following insulting comments he made regarding president Uhuru Kenyatta yesterday on his Instagram account.

The Luo rap king informed the public of the arrest through his social media accounts by posting photos of himself in cuffs and inside a cell.

The funnyman even wrote his name on the prison wall to prove he was there.

According to Japesa, he has been ordered to pay a one million shilling fine in order to procure his release.

He proceeded to ask Kenyans for their help while apologizing to the president for the abusive comments.

Japesa’s statement

Japesa, like many other Kenyans, was not pleased when the president announced the resumption of curfew deadlines and lockdown measures.

Hours after the president’s announcement, the club owner was bragging about having a packed club as he insulted the head of state.

“Uhuru can suck 30 d**s on my bill; I’ll pay. Bado nimejaza club na hiyo pesa yake, Olunde!” Wrote japesa.

However, Japesa being a controversial man has led several of his fans to doubt his allegations.

Japesa buys a coffin

A day prior to the above incident, Japesa bought a coffin where he will be buried in upon his death.

He took a photo posing next to the brown casket and shared it on social media.

He explained that the reason for this absurd purchase was so that his fans don’t have to worry about financial contributions in case of his untimely death.

“Bought myself a coffin, just in case nikufe msisumbuliwe na till number,” he wrote.

Japesa rose to fame last year when he released a major rap banger, ‘nyakalaga’ featuring Kenya’s best, Khaligraph Jones.

In a past interview, Japesa revealed that his campus buddies gave him his name because of his excessive money-spending nature.

“I did not brand myself; rather, my campus mates coined it because of my spending culture. I was a big spender, and the name stuck. After my studies, I adopted it for my music career,” he said.

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