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Ssaru’s former manager accuses her of sleeping with a married man and overdoing drugs

Kennito, gengetone rapper Ssaru’s former manager, recently deleted her Youtube channel, and upon inquiries from Nairobi Gossip Club, they discovered that he no longer works with the artist.

He took the Youtube channel and demanded 1.5 million shillings to give it back.

He revealed dirty details about Sylvia Ssaru’s personal life, which may profoundly affect her brand.

He accused her of sleeping with a famous married Kenyan Tv presenter who promised to buy Ssaru a house in Kileleshwa and a car.

According to KenniHeto, his relationship with the talented rapper was fine until the presenter came into the picture.

He said that Ssaru became unruly that she one day attacked him in his home after taking too many molly pills.

Kennito referred to Sylvia Ssaru as a timid girl adding that she is overdoing drugs even though she doesn’t know how to handle herself when high.

“I fully sponsored all of her movements and projects. In her entire music career, she got only six gigs, whereby only two were successful with a pay of way below 60k. Suddenly, she started sleeping with a Popular married Kenyan presenter, from that time akamea pembe. She even attacked me in my estate after taking the blue pills. She is overdoing drugs and doesn’t know how to carry herself after using them. “

Kennito’s role in Ssaru’s career

Ssaru made her music debut in November 2019, a year after completing high school with Kennito as her manager.

She was still broke by then, and her parents had their plans to send her to university, so Kennito stepped in and catered for all her financial and recording needs.

He paid for the rappers daily transport and studio sessions with the hope of reaping his fruits in the near future.

Unfortunately, when the Covid19 pandemic struck, all shows were cancelled, leaving Ssaru with no cash source.

According to her manager, from 2020 to January 2021, she only landed two gigs that paid way less than 60,000 shillings each.

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