Home Entertainment Rapper Wangechi reacts to Babu Owino not paying Dj Evolve's medial bill

Rapper Wangechi reacts to Babu Owino not paying Dj Evolve’s medial bill

Rapper Wangechi shared a link by Citizen Tv which exposed Babu Owino and his failed promise of paying Dj Evolve’s medical bill.

The Dj owes the Nairobi hospital ksh 7.5 million. His family is confused and struggling to search for fund sources to clear this medical bill.

Embakasi east mp Babu Owino had promised to clear Evolve’s medical bill. He shot him on the neck in an uptown club. Evolve has been in the hospital since then.

So far, he has undergone surgeries and therapies that catapult the medical bill.

Rapper Wangechi seemed saddened by the politician’s behaviour. She took to Twitter where she bashed the politician.

However, Owino did not seem touched by the message. Instead, he chose to give a rather sarcastic answer. His reply was “Harder”.

babu owino to wangechi regarding dj evolve

Netizens online have condemned his response to Wangechi. Many thought the politician was behaving in an uncouth manner.

Here are some of the responses.

DJ Maduss  We don’t even know who to blame. The judiciary or the government. So sad

Igue munua So the bullet that shot the Dj walked by itself and hit him. Haga wewe!

Italia Masiero It’s sad. But no amount of profanity can solve or help this mess.

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