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Bridget Achieng reveals real reason why Frasha is trying to make her pay for Shanty’s death

Punit music group member Frasha has been very vocal in terms of seeking justice for Shanty; the teenager who passed away at Nai fest 2 event.

Frasha has been going to Kabete police station time a few times to try and make Bridget Achieng pay, being that she was the main event organiser.

Speaking on a video which has surfaced online, Bridget Achieng finally addressed the reason why Frasha has been very keen in pursuing legal action against her unlike the other artists who had attended the event.

According to the socialite, Frasha had approached her days to the event begging to be given a chance to perform at the Naifest event. Unfortunately, being that he has not been releasing any new music, Bridget Achieng chose to feature other relevant artists to entertain guests at her event.

According to miss Achieng, Frasha is desperately trying to bring her down because she failed to give him an opportunity to sing at her event.

Bridget urged Frasha to stop using a child’s name to seek fame.

“Frasha and a few people have been leveraging on this young boy’s death. Frasha I have your messages showing when we were discussing and you asked me to give you a platform. Is it because I did not give you a chance to perform at Naifest 2? When last did you even chuck a new song. I don’t want to talk badly but Frasha when last did you sing?Who even remembers you as an artist?” asked Bridget Achieng.

In response to Bridget’s attack on his reputation, Frasha affirmed that no amount of threats will stop him from seeking justice for the dead teenager who was mercilessly beaten up by bouncers at the Nai Fest event.

According to the artist, he is after Shanty’s real killer and no amount of intimidation will make him stop his quest.

Frasha claimed that it was unacceptable that Bridget Achieng failed to apologise to Shanty’s family.

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