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Reason for massive Syokimau drama between socialite Amber Ray and co-wife Amira

First wife to aspiring politician Jimal Rohosafi, Amira, was yesterday night involved in an altercation with her co-wife socialite Amber Ray in Syokimau, Nairobi.

The two businesswomen spent most of the evening hurling insults at each other in Amber Ray’s compound in the full glare of their nosy neighbours who couldn’t help but join in the drama.

Amber Ray showcased all that unfolded on her Instagram live, and their husband Jimal Rohosafi is seen silently sitting in his car watching his wives abuse each other.

It has come to light that the reason for the altercation was because Amber Ray accused her co-wife of throwing a dead bat in her compound.

Amber Ray accused Amira of visiting a witch during her recent visit to Tanzania, where she allegedly got the dead bird from.

Amber Ray spotted the bird after arriving at her home at 8.00 pm and informed her husband about it.

Jimal immediately called Amira, who was passing by Amber Ray’s house, questioning her on why she committed the heinous act.

Amira was enraged, sighting that she was being accused falsely. She bitterly narrated to her neighbours what had transpired and clarified that she had a problem with her husband and not Amber Ray.

However, she was seen calling Amber Ray a prostitute and a witch.

Amber Ray could not keep quiet and unleashed insults on Amira too. She called her shapeless and advised her to deal with her husband instead of coming to Amber Ray’s home.

During the commotion, Amira angrily said that she is tired of protecting Jamal’s public image, but she is now fed up with the disrespect he’s shown her.

The rowdy women were dispersed from Amber’s home by the estate security.
One neighbour to Amira has approached Edgar Obare with more details regarding what transpired.

It was disclosed that Jimal went to his first wife’s house after the incident to apologise; however, Amira sent him back to Amber’s house, where he had allegedly spent the last two weeks.

Jimal Rohosafi had earlier on bought flowers for both his wives.

While Amber Ray danced, embracing the beautiful flowers she got, Amira recorded posted a video where she is seen throwing her flowers in the trash.

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