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Ringtone denies hosting sex parties in his palatial home in Runda

Controversial gospel singer Ringtone has been caught up in the ongoing drama between popular Instagram couple Isha Raffi and FBI dancer Ezra.

Ringtone was accused of allegedly hosting a major sex party recently in his exquisite home in Runda, where Ezra was apparently caught cheating on his girlfriend with several women.

The said party’s attendees reported that Ringtone and Ezra are friends and that hosting sex parties was something they did on the norm.

Early this morning, Ringtone outright denied all the ongoing claims and also being Ezra’s close friend or part of his crew.

According to the gospel singer, Ezra asked him for a place to host his birthday party, and being generous, Ringtone let him bring his friends over to his home.

Ringtone insisted that he had left Ezra and his group of friends alone in his compound on the day of the sex party and that he did not know what transpired after he exited the premises.

‘Omba’ hitmaker Ringtone further warned Ezra and his ex-girlfriend Isha to leave him out of their online drama claiming that he does not like the cheap publicity stunts they are trying to pull.

“This morning I’m very annoyed because kuna watu wanatumia jina yangu vibaya. A lot of friends wananiomba my garden wananiambia wanataka kuhost their birthdays since many places have been closed because of corona. Mihuwasaidia juu nimetoka mbali. So don’t misuse my name, msiniingize hapo, mi nimeokoka na ni mtoto wa Mungu. Ezra and your girlfriend, do not involve me in your issues please.” said Ringtone.

FBI dancer Ezra was dumped by his Instagram girlfriend on Tuesday this week after the rumours of the sex party reached her through her friends

The dancer was not only accused of cheating but also physically abusing Isha Raffi.
Ezra has previously dated gospel singer Size 8’s sister, and they have one child together.

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