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Sauti Sol reveals how Chimano used their savings without consulting them

Afro-pop band Sauti Sol members had revealed how one of their members, Willis Chimano,  swindled their savings when the group was still in its early years.

The Sauti Sol members made this revelation in one episode of their Sol family show that airs on Showmax.

Bien-Aime Barazadisclosed that Chimano used the group’s savings that amounted to Kshs 30,000. He also noted that they had toiled for the money, but Chimano did not consult them before using it. Bien also said that Chimano has never refunded the money to date.

“Up to date, he has never paid us back. Chimano alituosha (Chimano conned us),” Bien said.

Polycarp, aka fancy fingers, explained that Chimano claimed he used the money to pay his school fees.

“Chimano, you need to pay us back. At that time we were very broke. He was in charge of our savings,” Polycarp said.

“He used our money. I think he explained that he used it to pay his school fees. However, I don’t believe him,” he added.

Speaking on the same issue, Savara said that since Chiman took the money 14 years ago, it had accrued interest. Chimano responded by saying he did not remember taking any money.

“I don’t know what they are talking about. I have never taken their money,” he said.

Bien, Savara, and Polycarp said all this on a light note and acknowledged that they had sacrificed a lot to build an international brand.

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