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Senator Loitiptip claps back at Saumu Mbuvi, calls her mentally ill

Recently, former Nairobi Governor Sonko’s daughter took to her social media platforms to announce that she had broken up with Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip. At the time, she accused the Senator of domestic violence. Loitiptip dismissed the claim, noting that Saumu was mentally ill.

On her social media page, Saumu posted a picture of herself beaten up. Her face was all swollen. She alleged that the Senator almost killed her.

“These are the things he did to me. He almost killed me. I will continue to encourage women to stand for their rights. Do not allow a man to be violent to you, “the former Governor’s daughter posted.

Saumu also claimed that the Senator does not provide for his child. She noted that being a hustler is what sustains her and her two children.

Mentally ill

News reporters reached out to the Lamu Senator for comment. He dismissed the domestic violence claims and pointed out that they only had one fight, which escalated. He also said that he did not know Saumu was bipolar at the time.

“She has a mental psychiatric problem. She is bipolar. It is the reason why we never stayed together. She breaks things, shouts, and loses memory for even a week,” the Senator revealed.

“All the Kenyans and media houses don’t know that she is bipolar. I always hide this from people,” he added.

The Senator also dismissed Saumu’s claim that she was hospitalized after a beating. He said that at the time, she was sick and receiving treatment.

The former Governor’s daughter confirmed that she is indeed bipolar and that she is okay with it.

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